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¡Cuba Sí!


I am surprised it has taken me this long to blog about it but in a weeks time I will be headed down to visit my family of friends in Cuba! I have been very busy preparing for the trip, packing, printing off photos, getting together presents, and trying to wrap up everything at work and at home in prep for my departure.

I just got the final e-mail today from my friends saying that they are going to be able to meet me at the airport when I arrive and we will most likely rent a car from the airport for the week I am there. My first stop will be the city of Cardenas (photo above) where my two sets of friends live. Then it will be off to the countryside to visit with the extended families in Torriente and Jaguay Grande.

I miss them all so much and didn’t think I was going to make the annual trip this year because I am trying to do some saving. However they have gone through two hurricanes this last year, my one friend lost an aunt to cancer and I really wanted to see them. I managed to get a really good deal on a flight so I booked this trip less than a month ago.

Internet is a hard to come by luxury when I am in central Cuba but I will attempt to type the odd blog update when I can, so watch for those. I am also going to dip into my story archive before I go and schedule some special posts to publish periodically while I am away! Also while I am down there this blog and e-mail are the only methods of contact I will have. Hope to hear from you!

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  • Lesley

    Neil.. I can’t believe its only a week till you leave. We’ll have to meet up sometime before then as I have acquired some stuff for your many suitcases, specifically some glasses to share :)

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