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Are you into you?

I wanted to get to know some of you so everyday for the past week I asked and answered a new question. Answer the question yourself by commenting. Feel free to comment in whatever language you want! If you have a question you want answered in the future, post it or e-mail it and maybe your question will be chosen the next time I do a question of the day!

Final Question #8: How good are you with your own company?

EatingLifeUp answer:

  • I think for me it all clicked when I started traveling alone so much. I learned really fast that I can enjoy my own company, once I got to know myself a bit better. I still enjoy time with other people of course but I often look forward to “Neil Time”. If I am not getting enough I make a point of scheduling some. Here are some of the things I like to do:
    • Travel, Travel, Travel, there is no better way to understand what you can do until you get away on a trip by yourself.
    • Go for dinner by yourself. Relax, don’t care about anyone else around you, just pamper yourself, eat slowly, enjoy the pauses between plates and drink refills.
    • See a movie by yourself. Sure you can do this at home but sometimes going to the theater, popcorn in hand to live, laugh, or cry is exactly what you need.
    • Light a few candles in the dark, then soak in a bath for as long as you can or until the water turns cold. Get lost in your thoughts as you float in the water.
    • If you are really feeling special or you made an awesome meal why not sit down at the table with yourself and light some candles. You buy candles for a reason and you are definitely a good enough occasion to light them.
  • If you aren’t coupled this Valentines day I know you must have heard a few times already that love doesn’t have to be for a partner. It can be for your friends, or your family, or the things you treasure. Well I am here to tell you that it can also be the love you have for yourself.

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5 comments to Are you into you?

  • Michelle M.

    I am not an alone person, I like to be with people as much as possible. I have done the travelling alone thing and although I met some great people and had some great experiences I would have rather had a travelling companion. I also like to go to the movies alone but when I do that I never feel like I am alone I feel like I am hanging with Brad, Angelina, Matt, Jennifer, or whoever else happens to be in the movie.

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    admin Reply:

    I can definitely relate to being sucked into the movie! When I read a book or watch a movie I am so in there with them.

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  • becca

    I like to be alone but I would prefer to be with people. There are times when I realize that I’m alone and it’s great and others that make me want to call someone to join in. I HATE eating alone in a restaurant…I feel like I’m on display.

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  • Bev

    I go lots of places alone – mostly because I have different interests than most of my friends. I prefer to go places with other people but if its go alone or not at all, I often will go by myself.

    I find it gets easier the more you do it. There are very few places where I feel uncomfortable on my own.

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  • Camille

    Gotta love being at home by your self doing nothing!!! Reading a book, cooking, watching tv or a movie. I love having Camille days. Go to the mall or to the city and just walk. good times…

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