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Why do you?

I want to get to know some of you. Everyday till next Wednesday I am asking and answering a new question. Answer the question yourself by commenting. Feel free to comment in whatever language you want! If you have a question you want answered, post it or e-mail it and maybe your question will be chosen as the question of the day!

Question #7: Do you understand why you click? Why are you friends with people or can you ever really understand?

EatingLifeUp answer:

  • While I think there are universal forces at play that bring you in and out of people’s lives I have noticed the following reoccurring qualities that draw me to people or make us click:
    • Same place, same time, lots to talk about. This would be the things in common friend.
    • Being their friend presents a challenge. This is the cat who befriends a dog. Being friends seems to go against nature.
    • They have a trait that I envy. Whether conscious or subconsciously you want to embody that trait.
    • They are mysterious! Nothing is more powerful than someone with a mind that confuses and intrigues.
    • Finally there are the friends that are in your life for a reason. Commodities such as advice, help, understanding, love, or skills are exchanged to advance you both forward.

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5 comments to Why do you?

  • Lesley

    They challenge you and as a result teach you something about yourself. They are there as a process of your (and their own) evolution as a person.

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  • Michelle M.

    I have never understood why some people seem to stick in your life and some just kind of float away. I know for me I have been guilty in the past of holding on to the floaters for too long but I have realized that it just is not worth it. I am just thankful for the people that are stuck with me and try not to question it too much.

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  • Nick

    I’ve tried to answer this question a couple times and keep starting over. Really it’s just something that feels right or not. No need to analyze it. At least I can’t 🙂

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  • becca

    i would describe it as a spark, like when you meet someone new you put them in one of three categories:
    1) date/physical attraction
    2) friend/want to keep talking with them
    3) done/no further info needed

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    admin Reply:

    HAHAAHAHAHA! I think this might be the best answer! My favorite part is 3) Done! No further info needed!

    How true!

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