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How many do you?

I want to get to know some of you. Everyday till next Wednesday I am asking and answering a new question. Answer the question yourself by commenting. Feel free to comment in whatever language you want! If you have a question you want answered, post it or e-mail it and maybe your question will be chosen as the question of the day!

Statue Butt

Question #5: What is your Primary or First language and how many words do you know to refer to a “BUTT”?

EatingLifeUp answer:

  • This question came up in a hostel where many of us in the room spoke different languages. We stumbled upon the fact that English appears to have the most words to name or refer to a BUTT. Granted some are stolen from other languages but are commonly used and some are slang. However for this exercise they still count.
  • I don’t want to give you all of mine but here are three acceptable examples to get you started:
    • Derrière (Stolen from French but commonly used)
    • Badonkadonk (Pop Culture Slang)
    • Bum (Less harsher term)
  • “Junk in the trunk” or “Cushion for the Push’n” would not be allowed because they are sayings
  • My primary language is English and I can think of 23 words! I don’t think that is exhaustive!

Next Sunday I will post my 23 answers for everyone.

Comment, Answer, Suggest!

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