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Ski weekend!

Hey everyone,

Not sure if the blog will be impacted but I am guessing that there won’t be any posts till Sunday night. As I type this I am getting ready to head to the Rocky Mountains for an annual friend retreat.

Each year a bunch of us head up to Jasper, Alberta (365 km West of Edmonton) for a weekend of skiing, skating, shopping, eating, laughing, walking, dancing, drinking, and only as a last resort sleeping. I am not sure but I think this will be my 4th trip, and I think the tradition has been going on for 5 years.

I can’t wait to see everyone, and I am looking forward to skiing Marmot Basin tomorrow. I will have my camera in tow so more than likely I will snap some pictures for the blog. Until then, have a great weekend, stay safe, and stay WARM!


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  • Michelle M.

    WHOOOOO HOOOOO, Jasper here we come, only a couple more hours of work, a bit of packing, a bit of sleeping and Becca and I are off. Have a great time on the slopes tomorrow, don’t break anything and the clutzes will be in town to party it up when you folks get back.

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