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Expect the Unfreakinbelievable!

So I am typing this on the commercials as I watch Big Brother 10. I am completely beside myself watching the show because my buddy Rob totally blew it earlier tonight and told me that Jessie didn’t get evicted tonight! (Dang time shifting) That being said I think it is making that feat even more unexpected. We are 28 mins into the show and Jessie hasn’t done anything to make people want to keep him in the house. In fact in many cases he has done things to make people hate him.

Don’t get me wrong! I am THRILLED that my man Jessie is still in the house, I just don’t know how?

OMG OMG OMG so we are now 36 mins into the show and not only did Jessie survive but he got all 8 votes! I LOVE THIS SEASON!

So Leslie, Joanne, Nick, Christal, and anyone else that likes to debate the awesomeness of Jessie, looks like we are stuck with the muscle for at least 1 more week! 😉

Julie Chen’s comment to Dan in the diary room was priceless! It went something like this “For the record I am married, but Mrs Chen is my mother” LOL I can’t wait to see him blush when he gets booted out of the house and meets Julie face to face.

Next priceless comment… Jerry’s goodbye message to Angie “You are a NEAT girl … One cool cat”. He can’t go soon enough.

Hmmmm an earthquake challenge? I like where they went with that but not sure how appropriate it is following a real earthquake. I did however like where America went with America’s player. Thought I didn’t get my wish for Jerry I am totally OK with choosing Dan. So for Dan’s first challenge we the viewers get to vote on who he should try to have nominated. Head on over to the CBS website again for your chance to vote. (I am fully supportive of you voting Jerry again, if not him perhaps Ollie? We barely remember he is in the house each episode.)

So I leave you with my last favorite comment tonight…

Memphis on the earthquake wall to Jessie “Hey Jessie take your shirt off” LOL

Jessie's ripped shirt after the Sweet Dreams Honey Competition

Jessie's ripped shirt after the Sweet Dreams Honey Competition

6 comments to Expect the Unfreakinbelievable!

  • Nick

    Boooo, he is such a bully (and he’s not that pretty either!). I can’t believe they didn’t kick him out after the way he was acting this week. I just wonder what it’ll take for the house to actually want to get rid of him.

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  • becca

    Well I’m glad he stayed but I don’t really see what you see when you look at him. I just like to watch how hard it is for him to do everyday tasks because he’s so bulked up. Watch him it’s true! Angie was annoying because she never really played the game. She said it herself she just stayed in the backyard.

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  • becca

    ps Dan as America’s player is a GREAT time!

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  • I don’t watch Big Brother (either the UK or the USA version) generally as I can never get into it…but DAMN IS HE HOT!!

    Thanks for your comment about my starting writing…it means a lot. 😀

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful day over in Canada


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    admin Reply:

    Horray! Finally someone that agrees with me! Go Jessie Go!

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  • JoJo

    I still can’t believe it – why is he still in the house? Can’t wait to get back and see what new comments are on my board.

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