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3 wishes

Tonight I had great plans for blogging but the world had other plans. My night was full of sidetracks that kept me busy till just now. The biggest and greatest sidetrack was Kori cut my hair and I no longer have my Peruvian mullet. It isn’t quite back to my Czech “Eurotrash” cut but I love it none the less. But enough about all that and on to my 3 wishes…

1) My wish for the blog: I did a quick check tonight and international visits to my blog have jumped without me noticing. EatingLifeUp has now been read in 44 countries. While I love and cherish my close friends, my new friends, and faithful blog readers from around the world, I would love to hear more from the international community outside of Canada and the USA. If you are out there, say boo, join in! :-)

Top 10 countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Peru, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Estonia, France, Turks and Caicos Islands.

2) My wish for the global tilt of the Earth: I have been watching drivers recently and the only explanation I can come up with is that the world must be slightly off it’s axis. What else could cause a higher percentage of people to not drive in their lane. Below is a handy chart you can use to keep your car in your lane until the Earth’s axis returns to normal.

Handy Car Lane Chart

3) My selfish wish for Bev: I would like Bev to win the $14 Million dollar lottery on Wednesday. Today she told me that if she won the $14 Million, she would buy me a villa in Italy. I think that would be perfect! Don’t worry everyone, if she bought the villa, I could afford to have high speed internet and still blog I am pretty sure. I might even turn it into the EatingLifeUp hostel and ALL of you from the 44 countries could come and stay there. Yes I think that would be a most excellent idea!

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