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Skinny Dipping till it hurts!

OMG so much fun tonight!  I just got home at 5:00 am after a hilarious night!  The day started out innocent enough, I slept in, blogged a bit, went to a movie with a friend, came home, went for left over Christmas supper at another friends and I thought maybe I was done for the day.

But nope… Then I went to do the holiday catch-up thing with some other buddies. After playing poker for a few rounds I started to teach them how to play Craps using poker chips and my homemade Craps table. That lasted until about 2 am we were having such a great time. Then we decided to hit the hot tub! Whoooo hoooo SKINNY DIPPING!

We were freezing our butts off at first, but then the more we got laughing and the longer we stayed in it was fine. We hung out in the hot tub for another 2 hours! Pretty soon it was 4 am, everything was punch drunk funny and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t tell if my cheeks were cramped or frozen from being exposed outside the water.

After almost drowning on my second attempt at a somersault we called it quits and I came home. I think I will unplug the phone to make sure I get some sleep now and leave you with this classic Vengaboys song!

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