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Surprise Cries

Don’t you love surprise cries?

I am not talking about the surprise cries that happen when you are walking down the street having a happy day and all of a sudden someone attacks you, or you get bad news, or you fall into a pot hole.

I am talking about those moments that catch you completely off guard, move you and you suddenly find yourself crying in a situation you would have never expected to be.

Maybe you found yourself in one of these situations:

  • You walked into a museum or art gallery, saw a painting or sculpture and you started to cry but were very happy at the same time
  • You watched a movie where everything seemed to be OK and suddenly the plot shifts and you tear up without warning
  • You were watching Season 6 Part 1 Episode 12 of Sex and the City and Harry said to Charlotte “Did you make a wish?” and your vision became blurred
  • Or maybe you’ve come to expect that watching Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Huge T*ts makes you cry right at the end. But something about this time makes you think that maybe you made it through an entire episode without crying and SURPRISE tears!

For me it isn’t so much the beauty of these moments I love, it is that these are the special moments that unleash all the tears that have built up inside until the point you are forced to experience them.

2 comments to Surprise Cries

  • I can tear up in a heartbeat. I get that from my mom and I think it comes from a hyper-sentimental heart. I’m a soap fan too, The Young and the Restless and As the World Turns, so I’ve been reduced to a blubbering Mary Ann many a time. I even used to cry at that damn Folger’s Coffee commercial when the hot guy (Peter..of course) comes home early from college at Christmas and wakes him mom up just after making a fresh pot of coffee.

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    admin Reply:

    Awwwwwww that was awesome! I have seen many a Folger’s commercial here but I don’t remember seeing that one. As for the soaps I hear ya, but I am currently not following any religiously. When I did I was a Days of Our Lives fan or Coronation Street.

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