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As you may have guessed from yesterday’s post I did attend a Drag show production of KYLIE20/08. I was expecting the show to be AMAZING so I bought advanced tickets to both the Tuesday & the Wednesday show and they did not disappoint!

This White Diamond Production / SHOWBOY original event under direction of SeXXXy Sean was a massive hit! The show featured a number of Edmonton’s top talent, 2 full hours of Kylie hits from yesterday today, numerous costume changes and spectacular lighting cues. Everything combined to deliver a show that reminded me of favorite Kylie songs from the past to the KYLIEX2008 concert that I saw this year in Prague, Czech Republic and Lima, Peru.

Some of the numbers snapped me right back to Kylie’s concert in Peru because the lighting cues were so bang on, or the performances nailed it, or costumes where so perfectly chosen.

A BIG standing ovation to the entire cast & crew of KYLIE20/08! Now for some photos & video!

As soon as I heard “Heart Beat Rock” which is Kylie’s Cheerleader song I thought who else could this be performed by besides her Most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty Empress 33 Marni Gras…

Marni Graw

Loved the addition of the glasses to this number on the second night
Connie Lingua, & Underwear Model #1

Vonda DuPointe is an amazing performer and her ability to move every ounce of her body independently while dancing in stilettos continues to leave me in awe. I loved this performance of “Spinning Around”

Vonda DuPointe

Our resident Showgirl Marni looking fabulous in feathers!
Marni Gras

Ashley Love delivered “Love Boat” and was one of our group’s favorite numbers.

Ashley also performed a sexy version of “All I See” with Underwear Model #1 I like to call him cause I never caught his name.

Underwear Model #1 & Ashley Love

I envision that if an angel that loved dance music were to sing “I Believe In You” they would look something like Yohko Ohno’s number…
Yohko Ohno

The always perfect and impressive Twiggy was flawless and I enjoyed all her costume and hair changes however this was my favorite outfit. The hair is AMAZING and it was such a dramatic change Bev didn’t realize it was Twiggy on stage.

Connie Lingua was working that stage. Her black feather boa was no match for her dancing and each night the stage became littered with feathers that flew off of as she twirled.
Connie Lingua

One of my favorite photos of Vonda DuPointe
Vonda DuPointe

Yohko Ohno & The Village People performing “Your Disco Needs You” was one of the crowd’s most loved performances of the night! They did an amazing job and everyone couldn’t wait to see it the second night.
Yohko Ohno & The Village People

At the end of the show the cast and crew returned to the stage to pose for these cast photos.
Miranda Rights, Vonda DuPointe

Marni Gras, Vonda DuPointe, Miranda Rights, Ashley Love

Cast & Crew of KYLIE20/08

In these last two photos you get to see the man behind the music, Director SeXXXy Sean himself! Great job Sean on an amazing production both nights!
Village People Cop, Marni Gras, Vonda DuPointe, Miranda Rights, Ashley Love, SeXXXy Sean, Twiggy

Marni Gras, Vonda DuPointe, Miranda Rights, SeXXXy Sean, Twiggy

This was the follow-up to SeXXXy Sean’s 1st Kylie production in 2006 which I was only lucky enough to see some photos of. When someone asked me if he & the cast would be producing a 3rd show I could only think I am not sure how you could top this one!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, video and my review!

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