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Sheesh!!! For those of you that know how much I have been rooting for Jessie Godderz to go far in Big Brother 10, you know how hard it must have been for me to watch tonight’s episode. We have seen it happen over the years in past seasons and it happened again. They feel threatened and then slowly the pressure builds and they loose their minds!

Jessie just couldn’t chill, he had to annoy Keesha and the other house guests a thousand times with his attempts to bully them into doing things his way. First he tried reason, had he stopped there it might have worked. Then he tried lying / stirring the pot, not the best plan but it could have incubated had he left the idea there, but noooo. He then started yelling, freaking, calling out, and so many other stupid moves.

If he doesn’t go home on Thursday night I will be shocked, but this is Big Brother and the entire house could shift by then.

Well I still have Memphis and April in the house, though I don’t think many of you like them either.

I end this blog with a request. If you feel sorry that my favorite player self destructed tonight you can do me one favor. Go to CBS Big Brother Polls and vote for Jerry to be offered “America’s Player”. That’s right! I said Jerry. My reason for this is warped and not why you might think. I think that this offer if given to Jerry will make him self destruct! LOL If you can’t find it in your hearts to bring down Jerry, consider tossing a vote in the direction of Libra. 😉

Whoooo do I love this show! Night everyone!

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