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What happened?

Yeepers! The world was on fire today! I am going to blame Monday on moon cycles. It has to be that or weather patterns. Given that it is almost December and the forecast for Edmonton is highs all above zero for this week with no snow in sight I am more inclined now to blame it on the weather.

Today I saw so many people frowning, grouching, and b*tching. I saw more than one person screaming into a cell phone. Two guys were having a heated discussion at the pool. When I went grocery shopping it felt like everyone in there was on a field trip or something and they were so rude to the cashiers.

If people weren’t feeling or behaving like the above they seemed to be dreadfully tired. That was the group that I fit into because of my full day yesterday.

So I am going to get a good nights sleep tonight, it is my hope and wish that the rest of the world does as well and let’s all collectively try to rebound for a GREAT TUESDAY!

*SMILE* it feels good! 😀

If you witnessed the walking, screaming, ogre, zombies today or were one yourself and you need to process, feel free to vent and let it go in a comment below.

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