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UPW Limiting Belief #2

STOP! : K before you read further I want to clarify, these are OLD limiting beliefs, yes they may sound harsh but they are meant to be as painful as possible so you can attach that pain to them to help you move forward. After posting Limiting Belief #1 I received some questions from a place of concern. I am fine and even better after this event. I am also aware that these OLD beliefs sound stupid and however untrue they may appear to be, deep down there where true to me while at the same time deep down I realized they were flawed. Having a belief but also realizing it is flawed creates even more pain because you are in opposition with yourself. You may now continue to read :-)

This is part 2 of 3 in a series of limiting beliefs that I worked through at Unleash the Power Within (UPW) with Tony Robbins. As mentioned before they are pretty personal however it is my wish that by sharing they can be of benefit to you, make you think, or at the least help me push past them and keep the momentum going by reaffirming my new empowering beliefs at the same time.

Old Limiting Belief:

“I am so different that I have to go through life alone so I don’t get hurt”

Negative consequences experienced because of this belief:

  • I wasn’t open to seeing people with similar values
  • I had to deal with loneliness
  • My daily achievements or joy in life held less than their full meaning because no one else is there to care as much as I do
  • My love of travel and experiences abroad are wonderful but are not shared and remembered with someone close to me
  • I would cut myself off from family and friends

New Empowering Belief:


Results so far:

My eyes are open to see more people around me that are possible candidates for relationships. I look forward to sharing more of my life with someone close and being that person for someone I love. :-)

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