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Mr. Out of Left Field

So I was cleaning up some e-mail tonight and found an e-mail to myself from my cell phone that I took in a theater on May 19th. I have no clue what movie I was seeing or who I was with but I snapped this photo of the screen during the previews.


So I looked closely at the blurry picture and realized I was sending myself a message to listen to the song they played before the movie began. Until tonight I hadn’t done so. I looked it up and loved watching the video again. So I decided to share it in all it’s craziness with you. Again so not a Neil song but I love it!

Now I spotted someone else’s reply to this song and gave it a look. So hilarious and worth at least a quick peek. How the guy playing the xbox doesn’t bust a gut I don’t know? The comments on the video say that he did this entire lip dub un-choreographed and unrehearsed, and it was filmed in one take.


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