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WOW so busy and so burnt out! Excited to come home on Sunday night. I have lots of stuff I would like to write about so I thought a revelations format would work well so I can share some tidbits.

Neil’s Revelations:

  • AC Jazz is less an airline and more of a bus with wings
  • When presenting to a room full of a French speaking audience and you switch to Spanish by accident they do notice
  • There is zero probability of looking even remotely hot when you wake up after a two hour flight on a propeller plane with your face smushed against the window
  • Even the nicest of cab drivers can turn rank on you when you reach your destination
  • In cab speak “Just around the corner” means “Speed up and slam on the brakes after my stop so my laptop flies into the front seat please”
  • The Latin Quarter of Montreal is just North of the Gay Village, it is very alive at night with happy people, and beautiful hopping outdoor patio restuarants
  • La Saint-Sulpice is the largest Terrasse in Montreal (Place to drink outdoors). It is very fun to have drinks with friends in a large setting
  • I still prefer the Terrasse named Sky Terrasse in the village because it is on a roof top and has a better feel
  • If the McDonald’s cashier has to walk you to the bathroom and let you in personally with a key…. This is most likely not a bathroom you will enjoy using
  • Montreal has enough demand to support four male strip clubs! However of those four, two are kinda seedy. I suggest you check out “Campus” if you are in the mood. On a Thursday night it was busy and had a steady stream of entertainment.
  • It is a small world and it just keeps getting smaller. We ran into some people from France that my friend knew. I also ran into someone I met in Edmonton who is here for vacation
  • If you are traveling and have the urge to buy a large glass fish bowl… Don’t…. you will end up with buyer’s remorse quite quickly and return it later that week
  • Crepes can be eaten for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and late night snack

Well I think that brings us basically current. Tonight I am headed out to Stereo Bar where my friend’s are hosting the same Techno radio show that I attended last Friday at their house. I am dead tired but I am really looking forward to it!

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