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Welcome everyone, I am writing to you from my hotel room in Rimouski, Québec. I finally had a moment to slow down and check in. You last heard from me when I was in Toronto enjoying myself but also rushing around from office to office for work. Hmmm looking back one post it looks like you last heard from me on subway perhaps with a bit of a glow on. 😉

Well with some hiccups at the airport in Toronto and a $74 taxi ride I will never forget in Montréal I made it successfully to my friend’s apartment. I was falling asleep in the airport so I paid $50 to switch to an earlier flight. This was good because my gut was telling me to do it and it always feels good to listen to your gut. This was bad however because it caused me to arrive in the middle of rush hour and get a cab driver that took me and my wallet for a nice ride.

Still all that forgotten I was so pumped to be in Montréal again and spending time with all my friends I have made over the last few visits here. We didn’t waist anytime catching up. Lucia and I were so pumped to be living together again we stayed up talking until we couldn’t see each other anymore. Then after a full day of work in the office Michel picked me up and after supper and visiting we headed to a Techno Radio show broadcast from a friend’s place. After many drinks, my Spanish, French and even my German started to flow and we headed out to some clubs. LOL yes clubs with an S.

I had a great and memorable time. Well all memorable except for this photo. It wasn’t until the next day I remembered taking it and posting it on Facebook from my cell phone. I love the photo and thought I would share it with you all.


So from that point on the rest of the weekend was pretty chill. We did some shopping on Saturday and Sunday, bought some groceries so I could make my Corn off the Cob soup for Lu. Then Sunday had a great brunch at Eggspection with Christine & Lu followed by a movie “The Women” (2008) Rating: ★★★½☆ We all enjoyed the movie very much and I think each took something different from it. Definite “Chick Flick” but enjoyable. If you see it try, to watch for a man anywhere in the movie. Even just a guy on the street. I am 95% sure there are no men in the entire film till the very very end which was a very cool for them to pull off. Check it out and report back! :-)

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