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Beam me up, not down!

Remember yesterday’s post and how on top of the world and happy I was. I mentioned that I was beaming out good vibes to everyone. Well today at Union station (subway) I stopped for a second to let a lady come through the door in front of me. A very grouchy voice from behind me barked “Fu*king MOVE already!” I was shocked; because I was so happy I was able to measurably feel the hit that comment did to my good mood. It didn’t take me all the way down, which would be impossible with how good I was feeling. However it did make me aware that the vibes we are feeling really are beamed out to those around us. Little or Large, Awesome or Aggravated what are you beaming out?

Other than that subway dude I have been having a great time in Toronto and enjoying some quality time with my Eastern co-workers.

Tonight after work, a swim, and supper I hopped on the tube again and went to a friend’s house at 8pm to crash his America’s Next Top Model viewing with one of his friends. I haven’t watched this season at all and back home I have an order to turn my TV off on the 20th so not likely I will see anymore this season but it was a good time and I enjoyed the show.

Then we took an awesome walk through some great neighbourhoods and I got to experience some of the great architecture here in TO. The walk ended with a couple drinks and good times. I only had a couple but on the walk home I was feeling a buzz and the funniest conversation fell out of my mouth.

(While passing Maple Leaf Gardens)
Friend: “This is Maple Leaf Gardens”
Some time passes…
Me: “So what is Maple Leaf Gardens?”
Friend: “Ummmm that is there Toronto Maple Leafs used to play”
Me: “Heheheh ohhhh Of course they did!

That gave me a few giggles. Then back on the tube to my hotel. It was on the subway I came up with this unofficial “Travel Tip” we will refer to as…

Do at your own risk Travel Suggestion:

  • From personal experience I think that everyone should experience a subway ride late at night with a slight buzz on. Not talking plastered, truckered, sh*t faced, or drunk; just a nice buzz. As I rode the subway tonight I recalled the number of times I have been in this scenario. (Rome, Montreal, and now Toronto) All were quite memorable, a bit quirky, and all smiles. Not sure why, perhaps it is a combination of public transit personalities, visual tricks of the moving train, or the slight rocking motion and sometimes unpredictable jumps. Give it a go :-)

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