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Dan’s the man!

So tonight has been an all around lucky night for me!  I made it to the airport just before rush hour.  I avoided all construction.  I checked in with zero issue.  I boarded the plane and it took off on time.  The plane wasn’t very full so there was plenty of room and an empty seat between me and my awesome new friend.  LOL

Then what I was most worried about was missing the FINALE of Big Brother 10.  Not to worry though, we got into the air, the satellite TV came on, and Big Brother on the Western time zone feed was starting in 15 mins!  Thanks WestJet!

I got to watch the entire episode with no real plane interruptions and I was that giddy guy that is really enjoying his show and can’t help but let out giggles, cheers and arm waving gestures.

The finale show was awesome!  Everything that I wanted to see happen, did.  I was on the fence as to who I wanted to see win because I love Dan and Memphis both. After watching this show I was really hoping Dan would win.  Landslide vote of 7 to 0 votes for Dan!

Then all of you must have come through with the voting because apparently it was a very close race between Keesha and Jerry for America’s favorite juror.  Keesha in the end won the $25,000.  It could very well have been your votes that made her pull out into the lead.  A perfect example of how the American and Canadian readers of this blog should ALL make sure they vote in our respective upcoming elections.  Your vote does COUNT!

*SWOON* and of course I was happy to see Jessie Godderz on the show tonight!  I loved his comments so much!  I think the only person that loves Jessie more than he loves himself is ME!  😉

So after the show I had great conversation with my plane buddy.  Landed without issue, my bags were the first ones off the plane.  I hopped into a cab and was whisked off to my hotel were they were oversold, so they had to juggle some rooms and upgraded me to a deluxe room!  The room is so big I almost need a map to find my way to the bathroom.  It is even bigger than my apartment back home!

I hope all these positive vibes I am beaming out reach all of you reading this and brighten your day!  Now I need to get to bed, work in the morning is going to come all too soon.

5 comments to Dan’s the man!

  • Nick

    BB was great, it was very satisfying. After the questions from the Jury, I thought Dan deserved to win for sure. I was so happy how it played out. And grats on being able to catch it, your luck comes through again, crazy!

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  • Becca


    I didn’t want to post until I knew you knew. I’m pretty surprised that no one decided to vote for Memphis…I think Dan did a really good job convincing the jury that if he had anything to do with your eviction it was because you were such a “good player” that he couldn’t have beat you. I think it was a bunch of baloney but I am glad that Dan won.
    I voted for Michelle to be the favorite juror…I’ll put money on it that Libra got the least votes. I’m glad that Westjet came through with the feed, now I can unlock the episode and delete it…sigh now we’ll have to wait until next summer, I think with no writers strike it’ll be that long.

    Enjoy your trip, cya when you get home :)

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    admin Reply:

    Hehehe yup, getting on the plane nervous about whether or not I would see the finale, I knew in the back of my mind that you had me covered! You may by all means delete it *HUGS*

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  • Becca

    ps what’s up with the Croc…is it your Eagle vs Shark animal?

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    admin Reply:

    Just a pic I enjoy that I took in Cuba at the Crocodillo farm. It is by no means my Eagle vs Shark animal. If I had to choose one it would most likely be a Moose.

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