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Party #2, #3, & #4

Sorry for the delayed updates… Also lack of a Big Brother update. I have yet again put out my back and worse than last time.

Party #2 was bubble tea and that was really nice. I tried the shaved ice this time instead of bubble tea and it was so amazing I may never order bubble tea again LOL. Some people had to cancel because many of my friends have come down with the flu or colds but we still had a good turn out and filled up one of the couches. Big thanks to Karey who picked up the tab when he left because they don’t allow individual payments on big groups.

Party #3 was that same night, right after Bubble Tea. We headed to the casino for a night of money dropping. I had a great time and lots of laughs but also lost almost all of my money. Then a string of good luck came my way and I built back all of my money plus $60.

Party #4 was sadly was canceled. It was to be Wing Wednesday with a bunch of friends, but yesterday was the day my back went all crooked. So muscle relaxants in hand and while driving to the Chiropractor I made the phone calls and text messages to spread the word about the party. Thanks to everyone for their understanding.

I saw the Chiropractor and it helped a little bit but it will take numerous sessions to fix. I was in so much pain that when I left the office I fell into my car and got stuck. I had to swallow my pride and phone the Chiropractor on my cell phone for her to come out and pull me out of my car so I could get back in properly.

Tonight’s party I plan to still attend because it is a quiet sit down dinner. I was going to type a bit about Big Brother but my back is screaming so I have to end this. Let me just say that I was thrilled that Memphis won the POV and took Dan off! So they are both safe. I can’t wait for tonight’s show.


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  • Lesley

    Aww.. honey I will be sure to save you a seat on their comfy booths and ply you with some cocktails to help ease the back pain. I can even swing by and pick you up so you don’t have to worry about driving with the combo of pain killers and liquor *grin*

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