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So much going on right now and don’t know where to begin so I think I will write this catch-up post in the updates style:

Big Brother Updates:

  • Sunday’s HoH competition was honestly the funniest HoH I have ever seen. I don’t know why and I almost feel guilty for loving it so much! This was the best video clip I could find of it for you. You have to at least watch until the 27 -30 second mark to see the full IMPACT!

    It reminds me of a recurring dream I had in junior high school where I was throwing people that used to harass me against the wall using mental powers LOL.

Sex and the City status:

  • Well since we last talked I have FINISHED the entire series. I am not sure I ever watched it when it aired on TV. The next thing I have to do now is watch the Movie again. I think it only fitting to see it right after finishing the series. One thing I wanted to comment on was how mad I got when Carrie didn’t go to her party with the fans of her book. To set it up for those that may not have seen this episode Carrie met some fans in a bookstore in Paris. They wanted to throw a party for her and have supper as a group of friends. This was HUGE for Carrie and it gave her great joy. Then later that night her boyfriend was upset about his work and asked her to come with him as support, selfishly not caring about this huge accomplishment that was just as important for Carrie. She chose to go with him in reaction to his controlling behaviors. By doing this she denied herself and also her fans/friends throwing her party. She didn’t have contact information for her fans so she stood them up to make it worse. Her boyfriend ended up being fine and basically forgot she was even with him. So she finally had the wake-up call she needed that the relationship wasn’t good for her and ran to the restaurant only to find that everyone was gone and obviously upset because a copy of her book lay on the table covered in wine and food stains. I realize this was a complex situation and I have been in this situation myself in the past. I write this in hopes that none of you find yourself in controlling, self sacrificing relationships or that if you do, you take action!

Where was I Monday?

  • Monday night I went to a costume party! LOL It was a theme party that some friends throw annually that revolves around a specific decade. Last year they did the 60’s and this year they chose 50 BC. So relevant costumes were of the Roman, Egyptian, Arabic, and Gaul empires. I managed to sew by hand a Roman Tunic I modeled after Sextus Properties who I found on Wikipedia simply because he was born in 50 BC. It was an awesome party idea and I had a lot of fun. Their living room was full of pillows to lounge about with lots of period food like nuts, fruits, olives, humus, bread, oil & vinegar. Sadly I do not have a picture of me in my costume but I plan to use it for Halloween this year so perhaps then. Also to those concerned for me there were no wardrobe malfunctions, though the breeze up the skirt occasionally caught me by surprise and I had to be mindful of sitting down vs my normal spread eagle pose.

So that is it for updates I think. I am very excited for Big Brother tonight but even more excited for Thursday’s DOUBLE EVICTION episode!

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