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Under the sea

Still nothing major from the storm. Today was overcast and we had a small bit of rain here at the house. The power went out twice which was odd because it wasn’t that bad here but everything seems to be connected to the main town on the other side of the island and the other side of the island had lots of rain today. Since I have been sleeping, reading, napping, painting, and siesta’ing I don’t have much of an update so I will leave you to enjoy these two underwater videos I took a few days ago in Long Bay, Antigua.

Hahahah I just realized in that video you can hear me breathing through my snorkel. I still haven’t mastered “relaxed breathing” under water. When I remember it I calm down and stop biting the mouth piece and just chill.

Better breathing in the second video but you can see at the end a wave picks me up out of the hole and moves me away.

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  • Sandi Darrell

    Hi Neil,

    Oh the water and fish look to inviting and makes wish that I was there instead of in Edmonton with the frost that came last night as we hit 0C. Enjoy your island life style.:-)


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