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I miss you

I miss blogging very much but I have to admit, I just don`t seem to be in the right head space for it lately. This year has been super introspective and that kind of attitude is hardly conducive to “bare all on the internet”.

However lots of cool things have been happening lately. Here is a quick run-down of thoughts in my life I have wanted to share:

  • I have been applying on new jobs still with TELUS
  • I had my 6 month anniversary at Starbucks and still love it and the partners
  • I took a trip to Vancouver for work and had an entire Sunday to myself to chill and catch up with some great friends
  • I am now in Toronto for Michel`s 29th birthday… the 5th birthday in a row I have traveled East to attend
  • I am currently a little bit blitzed on 13 year old Wolf Blass Red label 😉
  • I can`t decide if I should take many small trips this year or save up for one big trip to Brazil. So far the pendulum has swung to many small trips
  • I am very pleased with my close circle of friends I have maintained during this session of introvertedness
  • I know that introvertedness isn`t a word but I think it should be
  • I was going to type more but I think that is sufficient

Deep love for you all! *HUGS* Neil

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