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Caramel Take-me-out-o!

Ever since I started at Starbucks I have joked about writing my phone number on top of a cutie’s drink. Tonight after my second encounter with a customer that has been making me swoon I jokingly tried it out on my drink. It isn’t exactly up to Starbuck’s drink recipe standards and it takes too much time to pull off but I think it would be so romantic! LOL

What would your reaction be if your received this drink for your Barista?

PS Dark-haired, smiley, perfect, cute EMS workers move to the front of the line! Call me! :-)

2 comments to Caramel Take-me-out-o!

  • I love this! It’s too bad you can’t just keep one ready like that for the next hottie… ;o)

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    admin Reply:

    If only hey? Once they sit too long they aren’t very appetizing and the caramel sinks away. I might just have to do it the old fashioned way, chat with him, get to know him, feel out the situation, and then eventually ask him out… Or I could just say “So I was going to write my phone number in caramel on your drink, but that takes to long, do you want to just get married?”

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