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Surprise Notes!

Today the journey begins! I am off to Toronto tonight and on to Cuba Monday morning. Thoughts of seeing my family in Cuba have filled my mind for the entire month of January and it is only today setting in that I will see them tomorrow! A big thanks to everyone that helped this year with all my supplies. This will be a tough visit to see my Cuban brother who is afflicted with a brain tumor and the prognosis isn’t favorable. All the support and help from my friends has made this news easier to deal with. Last step in this process is to get the supplies across the boarder without any issues. Wish me luck!

On a happy note I wanted to leave you with this surprise note I received in my pastry bag leaving work yesterday from Megan! I LOVE getting surprise notes and love even more when I think to leave them for someone else! As homework this coming week try to think of a surprise note you can leave for someone. Slip it in your partner’s lunch, stick it to the inside of the car visor for yourself, leave it in a bathroom stall for a random person wishing them a good day, stick it at the back of a library book, the ideas are endless! Once you do it, come back here, and post a note to let everyone in on the secret!

Surprise Notes!

Love you all! Neil

PS If I get internet access this trip to Cuba I might make one post, otherwise I will post on my return

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