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It’s someone’s job

I got home from a very hectic day and the first thing that happened when I walked through the door was the phone rang. The girl on the other end gave her spiel “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of ____ a nation wide market research company. I assure you I am not selling anything. We are asking people in Alberta and Saskatchewan a few questions about their _____ usage. If you qualify you will be invited to partake in an online survey with the chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. Would you like to participate?” To which I replied “Yes”.

What happened next was amazing! She paused, and then said “Really?”. Then she explained… “It’s just that after 2 hours at my new job calling today you are the first person that has said yes”. Then she said… “I don’t even know what to do… Ohhh I guess I click onto page two”. I answered her quick questions and then she qualified me and while asking for my e-mail address she accidentally disconnected the line. LOL New people! jk

Today I really didn’t feel like taking a market research survey, but I always try to remember that there is another human on the phone and it is their job. Just like my rants on NOT picking up your garbage in the theatre to ensure job creation for our youth, retirees, and less capable, I ask you to think about this post the next time someone phones you.

Tired Telemarketer

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  • Krista

    I agree with you on the telemarketers…somewhat. I know that they are just people trying to make a living and I will take the surveys once in a while so I’m not the bitch that I usually am. But…the other morning I got a call from a telemarketer at 6:50am!! The only people I should be getting calls from at that time are family members or someone informing me of an emergency that involves me not having to go to work so I can go back to bed! I think that if they are from a different time zone they really need to know the time of the place that they are calling, 6:50am is just to early to be nice to anyone let alone someone trying to make me take a survey! That is just my opinion and if you are willing to take a survey at 6:50am then you are a much much much better person then I!

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