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Speaking of Coffee Filters

I don’t think the blog world knows yet but everyone else sure does…


I couldn’t be more happy with how it is working out. I have always wanted to be a barrista and I love Starbucks, and I wanted a part time job so the fit and timing was perfect! I started mid-October and have been in training for the past few shifts. Learning so much and only having nervous breakdowns for 5-15 mins max if I do something wrong. LOL

Three things are making the new chapter of my life awesome!

  • Great People (Customers, Trainers, Manager, Co-workers)
  • Great Place (I love the store and the neighbourhood)
  • Great Products (I thought I was a Starbucks expert and I am constantly being surprised by new great beverages and food items)

I am sure there will be many more Starbucks posts to come!

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

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