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Don’t feed the cats

My favorite hostel in Italy tweeted this Italian news story that really struck me as crazy. Some of it is meh, some is OMG, and some is Loco en la cabeza! The story comes from a small town near Naples that is planning to push forward new legislation that includes fines of upto 500 Euros for showing cleavage or wearing miniskirts!

Check out the small story here!

I am not on board with that at all! I love looking at both Men and Women wearing almost nothing (heck I like them and myself wearing nothing at all) and I like watching people play football in parks. Swearing in public I could see getting rid of, it just spews hate out into the world. That priest is off his rocker on sexual molestation. I don’t get how the laws help that. And those last three laws! I will build a sandcastle wherever I want, I will kiss in cars, however I promise to always comply with the last one and never feed a stray cat!

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  • Michelle M.

    I am with you Neil, this is government going to far. I would love to see the protest at the Legislature if they tried to do that here…yikes it would be borderline porn, I am sure. Seriously how can building a sandcastle be harmful to anyone? Playing football in the park, where else are you supposed to play? This is just crazy.

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  • Kirrrrstin

    I am scared to see the rest of these new 41 rules..

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