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Custom Press 50 Male

LMAO! When I was in Vegas I needed to get a massage for my lower back. It was killing me after all the flights, combined with all the walking on the strip. So I went the MGM Grand Spa and had a licensed, registered, massage, from a reputable massage therapist. I came home and submitted the receipts and claim form to my insurance provider.

Today, over a month later I receive a note from the insurance company declining the claim with the following comment… “The nature of the purchase/service provided is required before this expense can be considered.”

Turns out the description on the receipt read: Custom Press 50 Male

I can see why they had their doubts. After all it was Vegas right!

No matter how dirty that sounds I explained to them it meant… “Custom Pressure Massage, with focus on low back, for 50 minutes, and my preference was for a Male Massage Therapist”. I also pointed them in the direction of his license number written on the receipt I submitted.

She has now sent my claim for further processing. It was so hard not to giggle on that call!

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