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Ugh, Rachel has been on a very slow tumble in my rankings. Tonight she drove me insane! I really hope that she goes home tomorrow instead of Brendon. Although my favorite line in tonight’s show did belong to her.

Britney do you have a minute to talk?

Where the F*CK else is she going to go? I guess Kathy did run away from her, but it is a closed house. The only time they don’t have a minute to talk is if they are in participating in a conversation.

Now to address Jordy’s comment on yesterday’s blog…

Rank Neil Jordan
1 Lane Britney
2 Hayden Lane
3 Ragan Brendon
4 Kathy Rachel
5 Britney Kathy
6 Brendon Hayden
7 Enzo Enzo
8 Rachel Ragan
9 Matt Matt

Hrmmmmm it’s clear we value different aspects when picking favorite house guests. I like that we both agree on Matt and Enzo though. As for everyone else I can see why you would vote that way. Except Hayden! You need to move him higher in your list Jordy!

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