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Pool incident

It seems like it was just yesterday I was bottoming out on the trampoline at the farm and now today I bottom out in the pool!

I was jumping off the small dive board and through an inner tube. Next thing I know my nose was sniffing cement and my forehead followed tout suite! Minor headache but I seem to be fine :-) One day I will learn I am bigger than the constraints of my surroundings!

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  • Bev

    Ouch! Do you think the rum had anything to do with the injury you sustained? When I read your previous post, I almost commented that if you were going to be drinking rum, you probably shouldn’t be swimming. It’s a well known fact that the two activities do not go well together. I decided against posting the comment because I thought he’s an adult, he doesn’t need me to tell him that. LOL I’m glad the injury wasn’t too serious.

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    admin Reply:

    hahahaha nope it had nothing to do with the rum. I think I was focusing so much on diving through the inner tube I forgot the depth issue I have. It is feeling much better now. Barely a bump left.

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