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Enrique & Usher? So Enrique Iglesias has been posting on my Facebook wall the last few days in prep for the launch of his new album “Euphoria” on July 6th. (Same day as Kylie’s new Album, which I have pre-ordered… Just saying :-) ) Today he posted 30 second clips of the songs from the new album. The album is a mix of Spanish and English so I am excited about that, and lots of the song are typical Enrique catchy. This one really stuck out for me. Here is a youtube clip for “Dirty Dancer” by Enrique feat. Usher…

I think I am going to like a lot of the new CD and will probably end up purchasing it. He is the next artist that I hope to see in concert someday in a foreign country! I missed him by one week in Peru when I went to Lima to see Kylie.

NOW this video is HOT HOT HOT! It has Enrique, Pitbull and the Cast of the Jersey Shore! Could it get any better?

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  • Becca

    I preordered it too, but I also am still waiting for my CD!!! Mr Neil can I please have it soon so that I can cruise with it…maybe you and I can both bring laptops to the farm and do a little music swap? I’ll bring the CD’s

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    admin Reply:

    LOL that sounds like a most excellent idea! I can let you hear the CD I thought of burning before I do or make you, your own compilation instead :-)

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