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Break-ups & Support nets

I can’t begin to figure out where to start with this post. The emotions are still so fresh that it is hard to nail them down in a blog-worthy, respectful, mini compilation. Over a month ago I started down the journey of a new relationship and I have been bringing you all stories and status updates as to how things were progressing. Sunday marked the end of this new relationship.

It didn’t have a huge horrible dramatic ending, more so it arrived at a point of realization. Even though he was super nice, romantic, caring, sane and possessed numerous other great qualities that everyone hopes for in a partner, that emotional bridge to “relationship” wasn’t forming for me. It was hard to be very open and honest about that fact but it was only fair to acknowledge it and move forward. I am grateful for the time together, the experiences and the learning.

I am also grateful for the wonderful support network that was really there for me on the weekend. You all filled up my day on Sunday and were there for me at work today! Thanks especially to Becca, Lesley, Michelle, Alycia, Bev, Michel, and Nick.

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  • Lesley

    Thats what friends are for and I’ll be there anytime you need me…

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  • Michelle M.

    Anytime you need it Neil, that’s the best part of friendship in my opinion. The laughing and goofing off is great but when your friends need you just to listen or give a little advise that’s when you really feel the connection to people.

    I truly believe you did the right thing and I applaud you for realizing it and acting on it, so many people hold on for too long. Your time will come, I know it!

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  • Bev

    I had so much fun on Sunday night when we went out that it honestly didn`t occur to me that I was providing a distraction for you – but it`s great if that was what it accomplished. Glad I could help.

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