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Everything must go!

Last weekend I crashed Matt & Jordy’s garage sale and showed up with a big box and two bags of stuff I wanted to sell. It was an awesome day filled with lots of sun and big gulp cups filled with ice and Vex coolers LOL

I had so much fun dressing up and entertaining customers while selling all of our stuff. I posted all of these pictures to Facebook & Twitter live from the garage sale so they would have showed up in the Itty Bitty Blog but I wanted to reprise them here too. I was hoping that Twitter would have brought lots of random people I don’t know to the garage sale but I think only one car came from Twitter. When they drove up I heard the lady say “See, there he is” LOL Here are the pictures and the captions that went with them that day.

Come on down to my friend’s garage sale! This entire outfit for only $3!!!!

Prices so low you could look this happy for next to nothing!!! Come on down!

Accessorize your house and your body with these rock bottom prices!!!

You too could have a tropical patio party! Come to our rocking garage sale!

It’s time you came down to check out my headlights and our garage sale!

Whoooo it is 25 degrees out! Come to our garage sale and see my hot glASS!

20 min left sale!!!! 25 cents a piece and a free kiss from me!!! Or $1 and no kiss from me!

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  • Michelle M.

    Sorry I missed it I was volunteering at my work golf tourney and we finished so late I couldn’t make it over. I still have stuff in my garage of yours that you could have sold…damn. I love the shot of you with the ski poles you look like some sort of crazy muppet.

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