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When I woke up this morning the first thought that went through my head was “I think I need to take tomorrow as a vacation day”. I was dragging my butt all the way to work until….

THERE HE WAS! I could spot him approaching from 2 blocks away. The slight bounce and swish in his step. The bop caused by listening to good techno music, and the Starbucks in hand. Combined with good morning fashion sense and a hint of masculinity. This could only be a “gay”.

So I perked up, put on my best saunter and as we crossed the intersection we locked eyes and gave “that smile”. That smile that sounds in your head like Joey from friends “How you doin’?” without actually saying it. Then after I passed him I counted to three, two, one, and turned around to check out the assets. Timing it perfectly I caught him checking out mine. So knowing the game I counted to five, four, three, two, one, and turned back to catch him turning again for the last look and BIG SMILE!

My day was improved greatly since that encounter and I hope his was too. If I wasn’t with Lucia and half stunned by how perfect the moment was I might have run back and given him my number.

So if you are reading this “Hunky Daywalker on Maisonneuve”… Thanks for making my day… oh and e-mail me!

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