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Last night I was invited out for supper spur of the moment. What that meant is that I didn’t plan to have enough calorie allotment to cover supper. Then to make matters worse supper was late and I missed my planned swimming so I was now missing the exercise calories too.

Needless to say I ended the day over my calorie limit. To make up for it, I am making only good choices today and I have something planned for tomorrow…

You remember I had my physical this week… well that involves needing to go for blood work and a 12 hour fast. So I booked my blood work for 1:15 pm tomorrow. Nick and Joanne are scared that I will be grumpy not being allowed to eat from midnight tonight till probably 1:30 pm tomorrow.

So now you have all been warned! I might be looking for heads to bite off and eat, but I am confident I can keep it under control and look forward to a low calorie day to make up for last night and keep me on track!

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