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How do you word life?

Yesterday I overheard and received two great word-smithed lines. I often carefully choose my words to enhance more desired outcomes in life. Do you?

Here are the two examples I heard at the mall:

The first instance I over heard a mother ask her toddler in a very cheery voice:
“Are you a strong and curious boy and want to see one more store? Or do you want to go home to bed?”

The second was the watch repair lady when had two links removed from watch because I lost weight:
“Here I will give you back the two extra links in case…. You need them for parts someday.”

She must have been tired because her advanced thought processing almost let her say ‘in case you gain the weight back’. It still counts as clever because she caught it in time.

Here is one of my favorites I use with busy waitresses when I need something. I always add “When you have a moment…” to the front of my ask. We all know she doesn’t have any moments but at least that way she thinks that bringing me ketchup is her idea.

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