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Crisis averted!

So I turned on my TV tonight in prep for Big Brother and BLUE SCREEN! So I naturally SAW RED! LOL the only reason my cable is turned on right now, besides the odd peek at the Olympics, is to watch Big Brother. So I waited on hold for 20 mins with the cable company to be told that the power company hit a water line in the neighbourhood and that knocked out the cable. He could sense that I was a bit beside myself since I only watch 3 hours of TV a week (That is 1.78% of my life) and one of those hours was missing. He just came right out and said I could phone in the morning for a credit. All well and nice but I needed a TV now! Luckily my friend Miguel came through for me and I hopped in the car and was able to get to his house before it started.

I was on the edge of my seat during the POV, holding my breath during Jerry’s obnoxious veto ceremony speech, and so excited when he decided not to use the power of veto!

So I leave you all with this poll tonight…
Livid LibraKrazy Keesha

Who do you want to see get evicted on Thursday from the Big Brother house?

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6 comments to Crisis averted!

  • Nick

    It’s my hope that Libra stays, she totally entertains me. But I can understand why the house wants to get rid of her. I’m sure if I was locked up with her I’d just want her to shut up and get out. However I think when Libra is kicked out and the outside door is unlocked she should throw that annoying Jerry out the door instead.

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    admin Reply:

    HAHAHAHA I would love to see that happen on Big Brother some season! Can you imagine! *The door opens, Libra throws Jerry out the door and announces to the house “I’m staying Biautches!”*

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  • becca

    Well I’m glad you found a safe place to watch it :) You could have called me and asked me not to delete ours…I know you would have if you couldn’t find another solution.
    The new tags design is cool…the site just keeps getting better and better.
    I’m voting for Libra, she is annoying and also she’s the first one to jump up and get mad if people talk about her…but that’s her whole game. I agree with Michelle though…that’s all they have to do no wonder it happens, at least they haven’t resorted to bible study again.

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    admin Reply:

    That was totally my next plan of attack but I left that option as the last resort because A) I wanted to see it right away because I heard it was going to be a good one, and B) I didn’t want to run the risk that the cable was out at your house too and your PVR would have recorded fuzz LOL

    PS Thanks for the comment! I am glad you like the new floating, movable tag design! πŸ˜€ XO

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  • Glad you like my homage to olympic diving. I don’t watch BB, but I’d vote to lose the blond as they’re usually very annoying and it is always good to have a bold soul sista around.

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