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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor sucked! Plain and simple it was horrible. I was making notes of favorite moments and stuff to share but after watching the whole thing I am left deflated. I am also very tired. I want to say that I won’t watch the rest of the season but after investing this much I think I have to finish. I will however be watching it the next day on PVR instead of staying up late. It isn’t worth it.

OK here is my run down…

Loved Ella‘s line “I’m fixin’ to get on this RV and I am so dang excited”. She will be missed.

Anyone want to camp on a vineyard with me some night? I promise to be cheezy like Jake and shave over an oak barrel outside. He was uber hot though.

How did Tenley go from her husband leaving her to the Bachelor without dating or kissing anyone? Kind of a big leap!

I enjoyed Vienna being scolded by Jake. I also enjoyed Kathryn attacking Jake. Then it was crazy watching Jake lie through his teeth to Kathryn during their talk. Also I think Tenley’s rose should have gone to Corrie.

What was with Jake’s line “Just because I have feelings for someone doesn’t mean it could be a lasting relationship”? Ummmm ya that is exactly what it could mean….

GIA GIA GIA! Gia I think = Giggles
That was definitely the worst game of hide and go seek I have ever seen in my life though. Gotta say I really like her though and that long brown hair I find VERY attractive.

P.S. Did anyone else think that Jake might have had a boner under that blanket and that’s why he didn’t get up for the marshmallow and turned his back when he got up to get the rose?

Neil’s Girl Rating:

1) Gia
2) Corrie & Tenley
3) Vienna & Ali

6 comments to The Crappelor

  • I know I watch a bunch of JUNK and I know that you will laugh about it when you read this, BUT I can’t believe you watch that garbage! I know love finds you in crazy ways, but holy moly this show is cheesy.

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  • ps I just found the fitness and nutrition section! I love it

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  • Nick

    Confused is what I was after his date with Ella and the other girl in his cabin. He is just burning throught these girls.
    Maybe he already knows who he wants and is looking to rush this along so he can get on with getting it on.

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  • Michelle M.

    I found his one on one with Ashleigh so funny, speak you blonde idiot speak, and then she was shocked she went home. Honey if you can’t carry a conversation then what the hell did you come on the show for. I agree I thought that Corrie deserved Tenley’s rose, he has pretty much ignored her through the whole process (or that could just be the editing). There is something about Gia that bugs me, not sure what it is mayber her voice. I still like Ali (I know everyone says she is a bitch but I like her). Vienna is a 5 year old child in a 23 year old body (although I think I just insulted 5 year olds the world over). I think he should end up with Corrie or Ali.

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  • Kyle C.

    Neil, definately got to go with Tenley… she is money man, so hot. Sitting in the Vegas airport on the laptop just waiting to board. Thanks for the fun times in Vegas man… too bad I never new you only went about two or so block from the Sahara last night, I would have come out… and you guys never even went to the club… I definately would have come..

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    admin Reply:

    Hey Kyle! Glad to see you found the blog :-) I have tonight’s episode PVR’ing behind me right now, I just landed and I am settling in. Not sure if I will get to watch it tonight or tomorrow. I am sure you are the same as me and are feeling a bit sleep deprived. Ya the club didn’t happen Sunday night either. I was too bagged and wasn’t feeling up to the line-up or feeling fresh enough to compete with everyone on the dance floor LOL We will keep in touch, and I will share some pictures with you soon!

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