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In our national lottery the 6/49 I have now won $2 four times in a row. It is getting so that each time I check my ticket I assume that I have already won $2. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be at least winning the $2 each time. However the actual ticket each week costs $3 to buy. Out of sheer amusement I am excited to see how long this streak runs. I normally don’t even buy them that often but each week I keep throwing in the extra dollar to see how it plays out.

Now the other lottery we have in Canada is the Lotto Max. The estimated jackpot for this Friday’s draw is $20 million. I have never won a dime on that lotto since it launched but I intend to buy a ticket for this Friday anyway. The reason being is I think it would be hilarious if I went to Vegas on Friday and didn’t win there but came home and found out that I won the $20 million in my absence.

Ohhhh the things I would do….

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