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Speed on Green

If you live in Edmonton I am sure you have heard by now and if you don’t I am sure it is only a matter of time your city will have these too. We now have “Speed” cameras at some of our intersections in addition to the “Red Light” cameras. So if you are speeding through an intersection on a green or yellow, or red light for that matter you will get a photo and ticket in the mail with a hefty bill.

Various friends and co-workers have forwarded me the list of locations. Some people at work have printed them and put them up on bulletin boards. I knew it was coming and heard the talks around the water cooler but paid no attention really. Well today Lesley forwarded the list to me so I thought “I better take a look at this list”.

Much to my horror!!!!!!!!! Every single intersection that I love to speed through was on that list! I am screwed! I sure hope there is a sign up at each intersection otherwise I am going to be one paranoid driver. You might say “That’s the point of the program!” but I say “You try driving around the city with the top down on a sunny day with dance music playing, you kinda just go whatever speed is appropriate” :-S

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