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I am taking my mom’s advice and really not “travelling” right now.  Just spending the day roaming sitting and experiencing.  I met Konstantin in my hostel who is from Germany and is in France for school in political science.  He brought me to Centre Pompidou, an amazing structure in Paris and right now we are just chiling in the square listening to a group of Mongolia throat singers.  It is giving us goose bumps they are so good!

We decided to spend the afternoon here and be web 2.0 ish. He took pictures and video of the singers and uploaded them to Facebook using wifi from the centre. I decided to live blog our activities from my iPod and also visited the live webcam for the centre Pompidou and captured us live with a snapshot of my iPod in the square and e-mailed it to Flikr so I could blog it.

Live from Centre Pompidou!

The interenet is such a powerful thing to do pointless activities instantly! Not completely pointless because it let me touch base with you all!

Next stop a baguette!

Update! Here is Konstantin’s video.


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