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Small Breakdown

Hey everyone! I have missed you all very much this week and I thank-you for your messages and concern. This week was pretty hard to get through but I have made it and I am now DONE!

I have still been in Montreal but it didn’t work out to be as relaxing and fun as it was first meant to be. The wedding on Saturday was basically after I got off the plane from the Philippines. It was beautiful but I only lasted till 11pm. I was also very lucky that in my jet lag stuper I left my cell phone in the cab it was returned!

Then it was the work week. I ended up doing split shifts with the Philippines which meant I woke up twice per day, and went to the office twice a day. This was very tiring but worked the best it could.

I am beaten down and so need my holiday! I type this to you from the airport in Montreal where I am waiting for my flight to PARIS! The stress should begin to peel away and the blog posts should resume! In October when I return I will make the effort to finish blogging my experience from the Philippines and the trip to the Volcano! *Hugs to all* Neil :-)

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