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I *heart* Literacy

Last night at McDonald’s I managed to bypass 4 cars in the drive-thru! I couldn’t believe this because those late night drive-thru line-ups can be ridiculous!

Apparently no one knew what this sign meant? They were all content to line up in the same line and wait for the next guy.

Any Lane Any Time

So I took the lane less traveled, ordered my large fries (gotta get my protein) without the 2 apple pies and zipped on through.

Hmmmm it was the late night McD’s drive-thru, maybe it wasn’t literacy, maybe I was the only one sober. I love how some of them double as police check stops! That’s gotta be a treat of the week. OMG does anyone remember treat of the weeks?

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  • Miguel

    I don’t know what it is, but i’ve had the same thing at the airport, you know how there are 2 lanes into the parking, a huge lineup on one side, and no one on the other, so I zip on thru :)

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