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Logistical Nightmare

At first when I thought up the vacation idea to do 10 countries in 30 days I thought “No biggie as long as I fly to all the countries”. WOW! 5 hours later I had all the flights booked. That time was just the booking of them and doesn’t include the hours I spent making all the connections work and determining best flight paths.

So I thought the painful part was behind me… but I am still booking accommodation! I find that so I don’t mess up or make rash decisions I am managing to book one more two countries per night. I think tonight was a record and I booked 3 countries! In total I now have accommodations locked in for 6.5 countries out of 10. Getting there.

Once those are booked I think that will be the bulk of the planning. However in researching the “Getting there” directions of the hostels, I realize that I will be taking buses, taxis, trains, and metros, maybe even the odd moped to get to these places I am booking. None of this scares me and I know I can do it because I have in the past. The catch is this time I am changing languages and cities every 3 days. Thank goodness for the most part the currency is usually the same.

To make this trip uber enjoyable so I don’t think twice about splurging for the taxi or bus instead of walking I might have to start up some sort of gimmick like this one… What do you think?

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