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I promised you a Rose Garden

Well actually, I promised you the trees from the Rose Garden! LOL This morning I passed these magnificent trees all in bloom and knew that I had to capture them in this moment tonight or I might miss it. My friend Jaala came with me on the walk and these are the shots we came up with! Enjoy!

Jaala y Yo

Pretty petals

Weeping Pine

Petals in your Face!

Circular Park

White Petals

Walk with me?

Petals in the Sun

Hiding in the petals


Now for some fun commentary pictures…
The Caterpillars are back!
Yes the little tiny green caterpillars are back. They are just baby’s right now, but last year they got really big and did a lot of damage not to mentions creeped me out falling down my back while bike riding!

Fisherman Crack at the River

Hehehe Baby Foot
Every time I take my camera on a walk I see stuff I haven’t before. This trip it was this tiny foot in the cement. I walk over this too and from work everyday and it took my camera to see it.

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