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If you seek Neil

I am headed home today after a wonderful stay in Montréal. The stay was made wonderful by all my beautiful friends here and it didn’t hurt that Mother Nature has blessed us with two days of +28 degree weather. I noticed in the bathroom mirror this morning that my face even appears to have a bit of a tan.

However the party time and sightseeing has come to an end and I will be flying home after work today via Toronto. I am sad to leave but my body sure isn’t! I have pushed it to the limit with LONG walks, dancing, some long walks in flip-flops, late nights, and celebratory drinks. (All required :-) )

So “If you seek Neil” I won’t be home till around 11 pm Mountain time. *HUGS* to everyone in Montréal, Edmonton, and all my friends and blog readers from around the world!

Special shout out to Cherrie and Camille who have both been in my thoughts lately! *Mwah*

Enjoy this incredible talent!

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