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The other “Corriente”

Rough Waters

So now that we covered “Corriente” the electrical current we will take a look at “Corriente” the ocean current.

I was very luck to have 4 full days at the beach while in Cuba. The picture above was from the North side of the island in Varadero. There was good wind, massive waves, and STRONG ocean “corriente”. This was our first day at the beach and I had so much fun. The current had a sideways draw to it and it was very hard to walk past it. Once you got out deep enough the current eased off and you were left to deal with the incredible waves.


This is a picture of Jorge trying to walk through the corriente LOL… Once in the waves we were jumping them, floating over them, body surfing, and performing body rolls. I rode one LARGE wave all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor scraping my knee a bit. So instead I tried what Jose-Angel was doing and tried floating on my stomach and letting the waves crash down on me like a massage. Well one wave took me completely by surprise and became much larger than when I flipped over. It almost broke my right arm! Thank goodness my bones are strong and my joints have lots of flex. Instead the wave hyper extended my elbow in a few directions.

Calm Waters

Off to the South side of the island. We spent two fun filled days here with the rest of the family and as you can see the water was MUCH calmer and crystal clear. You could see right to the bottom and walk extremely far out from shore. The water was also much warmer.

Group photo

This is a picture of a small subsection of my 100+ adoptive family in Cuba. Even with 4 beach days and only 7 days total in Cuba I managed to visit all of my families and friends in 5 different cities and met a few new people. This picture has 3 of my nephews, 1 of my moms, a brother and a sister. I miss them all so much already.

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