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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Feeling hot Hot HOT!

OMG the sun today was killer! It was the first day I went down from 60 SPF to 30 SPF but I am applying tonnes of sunscreen to ensure that nice even safe tan while avoiding that dreaded burn that makes everything peel off. Here is Tropical Storm Maria update number 4 from Sunny Antigua […]

Storm, Hurricane, Tropical Fart?

Well we made it through the night perfectly fine. Tropical Storm Maria still hasn’t touched down in Antigua and Barbuda but it is still sitting right on our doorstep. There is talk today that it might be downgraded to a Tropical Depression this morning, but still you can never be to prepared. This storm hasn’t […]

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

To all of my friends and family around the world that watch TV and might be up on Caribbean weather you likely know that Tropical Storm Maria has been coming, then going, then coming and now is COMING LOL with a lot of water apparently! We are now under a Tropical Storm warning for Antigua […]

Crazy Bi-Plane Dragonfly!

This guy managed to sneak into my room today. I practiced catch and release but only after I asked him to pose nicely for this photo.

Room with a view

I can’t even begin to express how relaxing my time here in Antigua has been so far! The best thing I can do is show you. On my first day here I woke up, came out of the bedroom and this was the paradise that awaited!


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