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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

So frustrating!

I purchased a new pocket video cam that is super awesome so I could create some fun videos for the blog… I made a video, but I can’t produce it. It keeps hanging up and freezing. This is the reason for a day or so delay in blogging. I have been spending my time trying […]

Wanna learn how to do this?

Sometimes when I am on a long drive and I get bored I like to wave at oncoming traffic pretending I know them The look on their faces is sometimes so priceless it makes me laugh ridiculously hard! Very much like the same devious laughter, fun and enjoyment these two are having!


Gucci Gucci

The song on the radio right now “Gucci, Gucci” was playing on my drive home and the chorus “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada” made me think of Speedy Gonzalez for some reason. I can picture him jumping up and down screaming those words for some reason. In my search to see if this […]

Mowing, Grooming, Wacking!

WTF!?!?! From a prior post you know I work at home. Usually a great thing… but…

OMG my appartment complex seems to mow the lawn every single day! Thursday they power mowed with the riding lawn mower, Friday they weed wacked, Yesterday (Monday) they mowed again on the riding lawn mower, and today they are […]

Edmonton Island Escape?

In the middle of a very hectic day I was driving around running some errands and was trying to stay positive thinking of my upcoming trip to Antigua when there it was…

Cha Island Tea Co.

It’s patio umbrellas, palm trees and cheerful colors promised me an island adventure. It is located just off […]

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