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Things I love right now:
IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Britney Listening Party

Nick lent me his copy of the new Britney CD “Femme Fatale”. As I have my own CD release party at my desk today I thought I would catalog my thoughts on the tracks for you:

1) Till the World Ends Rating: – Loved this track from day one on the radio. Didn’t even […]

Mmmm Heiny

It isn’t even noon yet but this commercial is priceless and I enjoyed it so much I felt the need to blog it. I also feel the need for a nice cold Heineken.

It’s Monday, Monday…

LOL contrary to Rebecca Black today at times felt very Monday to me and then there were moments that made the day shine!

Monday: Waking up with a bit of hangover… There is a reason Sunday isn’t typically used for partying until 2am… Shine moment: Met Alycia at Starbucks for a Soy Sub Toffee Nut […]

Earth Hour

I am home, I remembered, I plan to participate!

Tonight at 8:30 I plan to shut my electricity for 60 mins with the rest of the world. If you ask me this is a bit much to ask of a guy that has recently turned his TV off. Turned his home phone off. Hasn’t owned […]

Take 2 and call me

Still shaking my head in amazement after seeing “DOG” a Surreal SoReal theatre production at The Roxy. It isn’t too often make it out to the theatre and less often that I feel moved so greatly that I want to review it the same night.

The best way I can describe how this play […]

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